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Theatre Without a Net presents our 2013 production

Tyger's Heart: the Original Game of Thrones

adapted from Shakespeare and directed by James Yeara


Friday ~ December 6, 7pm
Saturday ~ December 7, 7pm
Sunday ~ December 8, 2pm
Friday ~ December 13, 7pm
Saturday ~ December 14, 7pm
Sunday ~ December 15, 2pm

Director's Notes Excerpt: "Tyger’s Heart tasks cast, crew, directors, fight choreographers, costumers, make-up artists, projection wizards, computer experts, sound and light technicians.  Four broadsword  and shield battles, three broadsword fights, one broadsword melee,  one unarmed dust-up,  and one broadsword versus Bible beat down tax even experienced stage combat actors and choreographers.   Tyger’s Heart has more stage combat than Macbeth, Romeo&Juliet, and Hamlet combined.  More demons and ghosts manifest in Tyger’s Heart, too (give or take a Hecate).  It takes a community, an exorcist or two, and a lot of band-aids to put on a Shakespeare play each year, and the Bethlehem community always leaps unto the breach." READ ALL NOTES HERE in PDF format


the War of the Roses




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