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Choreography, Scenes & Other Documents

Shakepeare warm-Up (RTF)

Isherwood Article on Shakespearian Acting (RTF)

Stage Combat Choreography (RTF format):

Rutland vs. Clifford fight

King 4 - Douglas fight

Hal and Douglas broadsword and shield fight

Prince Hal - Hotspur fight (EXCEL file)

Charles - Joan fight

Blunt - Douglas fight

Broadsword A vs. Broadsword B

Joan vs. Talbot (revised 8_19)

Scenes for downloading (RTF format):


Tyger Heart Scene Rubrics

Kings on Kings monologue and soliloquies

Despair & Die, Richard III 5.3

Sad Tales of the Death of Kings, Richard II

Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown, H4, P2, 3.1

Henry VI, P3, Act II, Scene V - This battle fares...

Despair R3, 5.3 with Final Oration

Other Scenes


KING RICHARD II, The coast of Wales

King Henry V, rallying the English troops after they have been beaten out of Harfleur, to charge into the breach once more

BARDOLPH pistol once more into the breach

King Henry V, after attempting to capture Harfleur several times, warning the leaders of Harfleur what will happen if the town doesn’t surrender

Henry V "band of brothers" speech

After the Battle of Agincourt

Pistol Captures a French Soldier at the Battle

Princess Katherine and Lady Alice in France

Henry V woos Princess Katherine

Henry IV Prince Hal, Falstaff, Common Clowns

Henry IV, War Camp, Hotspur and his Wife

Henry IV, the Honor of War

Lady Percy's Effect of War

Henry V, I know thee not old man

H6 P1 King Charles Meets Joan LaPucelle

Herald: bridge from Henry V to Henry VI

H6 P1 Battle of Orleans Joan vs. Talbot

H6 P1 Joan Calls her Demons, Margaret Meets a Man

Henry IV, Rebel Camp, Hotspur with wives

Henry VI P1, 5.4 Joan is Tried and Burned

H6 P2 1.3 Queen Margaret Slaps a Duchess

H6, P2-P3 Queen Margaret Learns it's Bad to Slap a Duchess and Recoups

H6, P3 Queen Margaret Tortures and Kills York

H6, P3, 3.2 King Edward IV Woos his Lady

H6, P3, 5.4 Queen Margaret rallies her troops at Teaksbury

H6, P3 Queen M's Ironic "karma is a bitch" scene

R3, Aged Queen Margaret's final curse


Noble, Commoners, Women, Herald Expositions

H4, P1 Honor of War beats





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